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How do I access my course?

Once you purchase your course, you’ll receive an email that contains a link for you to log into the Supercharge School and access your course. 

How long can I access my course?

There is no time limit – you can complete the course at your own pace and re-visit it as many times you like. We encourage you to periodically go back and use the course as part of your 6-month or annual review.

Can I use my phone or ipad to view the course?

Yes! All of our courses are designed to work on any device – you choose what works best for you.

There is even an app you can download to view your course if that’s what you’d prefer. You receive all the details once you purchase your course.

What does it mean when we retire a course?

When we ‘retire’ a course it means that it’s no longer available to purchase however if you have already purchased the course, you can 100% still access it.  

What do the Supercharge Your Business online courses include?

Every Supercharge Your Business Course include:

• An introduction workbook and video from Roo & Fiona
• A series of training videos. Roo & Fiona talk you through the learning step by step
• A course specific workbook designed for you to make your own. It includes all the key learning plus plenty of space for you to write

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