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How to be Seen this Christmas

Let’s talk about Christmas.  Yes, we’re already there.  Ready and on countdown to put the trees up and get all Christmassy because, after this year, Christmas can’t come soon enough.

We jest *slightly* because there is still plenty of value to be squeezed from the coming months for your business.  There’s still a good amount of time for you to position your product or offer for Christmas and we want you to be making the most of this retail hook.

So much has been canceled, so much has been affected this year, but we’re betting that no one will DARE to cancel Christmas!

Let’s embrace it and claw back ground on what has been a tumultuous year for so many.

We want to give you a few pointers to get you started and show you how much scope there is for you to show up and be visible to your audience over the next few months as we as we hurtle towards Christmas.

1. Let’s touch on the media…

Now, in the media world, PR for Christmas starts in June/July.  This is when brands and PR agencies will showcase their Christmas offer to the media.  Not all of the media will start their Christmas gift guide content (or general Christmas content) at this point but July sees the tone being set for the coming Christmas season.

The media breaks down into a few categories.

Long lead, which is monthly magazines, which includes titles like Tatler, House Beautiful, Ideal Home – anything that comes out monthly is a long lead magazine.

They work 3-6 months in advance of publication.

Short lead, which is weekly media.  Think Woman’s Weekly, Stylist, Woman, Sunday supplements.

They work 2-12 weeks in advance of publication.

Short lead/immediate which is online, any digital platform, bloggers, influencers that kind of thing.

They can work on a very quick turnaround of content.

The long lead, monthly media typically work three to six months in advance.  So in July, they really are looking at Christmas and would be working on their Christmas content through July, August, September.  That said, I do remember working with ELLE on their Christmas gift guide early October one year, but that really is as late as it gets with long lead.

Short lead will be, more often than not, starting their gift guide content September/October and online can run anywhere from now until the last delivery days before Christmas.

So there is plenty of scope now.  Yes long lead will be coming to a close soon but there are still still opportunities out there.  Just yesterday, I had details of the Living Etc Christmas content come through to me.

Still mileage there!


2. Hashtag Secrets…

Another thing to do is to keep tabs on #journorequest on Twitter and Linkedin see what’s coming through.

Journalists use this hashtag to request information, imagery, case studies, interviews or quotes to complete articles, features or product pages they are working on.  You can expect to see an array of festive requests from now until Christmas.


3. And finally…

Maintain and elevate your visibility across social media, in front of your mailing list and amongst your network over the next couple of months.  When you get busier coming up to Christmas the tendency will be to drop back from social, fall into the day to day, to focus on serving the customers you’ve got, packing your orders and all of that jazz, but do not lose visibility.  Keep telling your story, keep telling the story of the product.

Tell your story, to sell.  Remember the know, like and trust factor.

The more people know you, they build up trust, they build up loyalty and then purchase from you.  You’ll be at different stages of that cycle with various segments of your audience, which is great, but make sure that you’re pushing people through that cycle.

Ensure that you’re giving them enough information for them to start to warm to you, for them to start to understand what you’re about and understand what your product is about.

Really really stay visible.

Christmas can apply across the board.  It’s not just about product for gift guides.  Maybe you’re a stylist and you can talk about the ideal Christmas table layout, the ideal Christmas decor how to festive up your house on a budget.  Maybe it’s about mindfulness/Wellness through the Christmas period and how to deal with any anxieties that arise through Christmas.

There’s three months until Christmas.  Stay focused, stay visible.

And if you are ready to really nail the next few months, to really maximise your visibility coming up to Christmas, to get into those Christmas gift guides, to get talking about Christmas, get sharing your expertise, why not work through a couple of our key visibility courses that will help you nail this activity:

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